FiberFlex 30 D - XL SPOOL

FiberFlex 30 D - XL SPOOL

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A thermoplastic material and another option for enthusiasts of printing rubber-like materials. It is characterized by reduced hardness up to 30D on the Shore scale, very good flexibility, and higher impact strength.

The material is recommended especially for printing tires, seals, belts, and all kinds of elastic elements.

Currently Only Available in Black

Diameter: 1.75 mm
Net weight : 2.5 kg | 5.5 lbs
Printing temperature: 200°C — 220°C
Bed temperature: 50°C — 70°C (when using plates or other means to increase the adhesion, the heating of the bed is not required)
Diameter tolerance: +/- 0.05 mm
Oval tolerance: +0.03 mm


  • printing speed up to 45 mm/s with a direct drive extruder
  • can be printed with Bowden style extruder at speed 15-30mm/s
  • to remove the print easier, it is recommended to heat the bed to 110°C